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In today's market...homes that are priced correctly and marketed professionally are selling quickly. When the negotiations are handled by an experienced Realtor with a track record of success...your chances of reaching your goals increase dramatically.

Our experience and use of the latest technology will help you to determine your home's true market value. We provide this information at no obligation to you. We will also assist in suggesting ways that you can prepare your home for a successful sale.

A professional Realtor with experience in all price ranges knows every step that is required to achieve your goals:


The market has changed dramatically in the last few years and it continues to evolve on a daily basis. The startegies that worked in the past are not as effective today. Only a person who is actively involved in this business will know how to make the "new rules" work in their favor.

Their is no area where this is more relevant than pricing. Our parents taught us that you should price a commodity or service 20% more than it is worth...wait for offers...and look to settle at a "10% off" compromise. But this strategy ALMOST ALWAYS FAILS in today's market, to the frustration of many clients. The reasons are simple: There is still a considerable amount of inventory available for Buyers to choose from. There are also some Sellers who aren't motivated to sell. Their mantra is: "If I get my price...I'll sell. If not, I don't have to sell"   Wise Realtors (and Buyers) avoid this thinking (and these owners!) like the plague. Overpriced homes often leave the market unsold...or sell for less than they were worth. The second reason why this is so has to do with the internet. Today, there are user-friendly sites that will advise sellers what their home is worth. Naturally, this same data is available to the buyers. The information isn't always accurate; but it increases the buyers' confidence level that they now have a real advantage that didn't exist just afew years ago. If a home is priced higher than "the range" of what they are willing to pay...buyers frequently avoid looking at it. Once again, the logic is simple: Why fall in love with a property offered by an un-motivated seller? Worse yet, why negotiate a purchase price for an over-priced home only to find out a month later that it didn't appraise for the correct amount, and the deal collapses?

The good news is that homes which are accurately priced sell quickly and with much less stress than other, more complicated transactions. An experienced Realtor will use the same comparable sales that appraisers use to evaluate your home, increasing the liklihood that your transaction will have a successful closing.

There is also the assurance that you cannot under-price your home. Ths is perhaps the most difficult "information hurdle" for many sellers to navigate...but it holds true. If you price your home just a bit under market value...buyers will bid up the price (sometimes to higher than the listed number). Even in today's market...there are still many instances of multiple offers and bidding wars. Buyers who are frustrated with many over-priced homes jump at the opportunity to visit a well priced listing. The key to understanding this is an evaluation of the numbers.

In any market, there will always be people who want and need to buy a home.
They just don't want to over-pay for it.


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