"Personal Service...Professional Results"


"Personal Service...Professional Results"

It's a challenging market...this is no time to "play house"

The average experience level of members of The Brian Church Group is 18 years. With a successful track record throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we help buyers ,sellers and investors meet their real estate objectives. We have extensive knowledge of Spring Lake, Wall, Belmar, Sea Girt, Bradley Beach, Manasquan, Brick, Point Pleasant, Spring Lake Heights and Brielle to make your next real estate experience pleasant and successful. All of our Group members live locally and are leaders in their respective communities.

Several years ago, when selling a home required much less skill, many individuals became licensed agents. Occasionally, on a listing appointment, we hear stories of how Sellers recently listed their home unsuccessfully with a relative or a small, local agency, believeing that there would be savings on the commission. The choice of a Realtor requires the same professional credentials and experience as an Attorney, Accountatant or Financial Advisor. For most individuals, their home is their most valuable asset. It should only be entrusted to the care of an experienced Realtor with a track record of success. With hundreds of closed transactions in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, our Group has brokered every type of residence...from mobile homes to multi-million dollar estates. Our goal has been to provide every client with the same level of service and to treat their home as if it were our own.
We provide this service at a cost that is usually no higher than competitors who offer much less.

In today's complex market, it is rare that knowledgeable owners will attempt to sell their own homes. In a Buyers' Market, the illusion of saved commissions disappears in a large inventory of available homes. With 90% of Buyers using the internet, FSBO's get lost in crowd, even when listed on specialty real estate sites. Buyers also know that dealing with a reputable Realtor allows them access to multiple homes during a single visit. Perhaps even worse, most Buyers are only attracted to FSBO's to save money, since there is more liklihod that they will be priced incorrectly

Advancements in technology have also made the field of real estate a much more challenging endeavor for those who attempt it on a part time basis, or without the experience required for success. The Brian Church Group has always been on the leading edge of these advancements, providing sophisticated tools for both Buyers and Sellers. The following is a partial list of some of the many resources available to us (and our customers)

  • Individual Domain Names (www.10bowie.com)
  • QR Codes 
  • Text for Info service
  • Mobile Real Estate Apps
  • Confidential Fax Line 1-888-422-0218
  • Social Media
  • Informative Blogs

Our Group uses technology as a tool rather than a timewaster. These features are used as enhancements; however, they will never replace the personal attention and regular communication that is required in every step of your transaction.

Speaking of communication...this is the # 1 Complaint of customers who were polled on a national level about their previous real estate experience. We hear countless stories about Agents who take a listing and then "disappear" until it is time for a price adjustment or renewal. Since buying and selling real estate is a "partnership" between the Realtor and the Client, the first step in our process is to determine how our clients prefer to communicate (in person...by phone...e-mail...texting). This is followed by regular contact to report any significant activity and solicit client input for improvement.